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Pohja local history archive
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The Pohja local history archive

The Pohja local history archive has diverse archive material from private letters and family records from the 19th century to modern documentary. The purpose of the archive is to collect, organise and preserve material from the history of what used to be the municipality of Pohja. Through outward oriented activity, the archive maintains interest in local history. You will not need any experience with archives, since the staff will be there to help you. School groups are also welcome to the archive for the Archive Detective workshop.

Archive collections

Private and association records

The actual archive collection consists of over hundred archives. These include private and family records, manor records, associations, communities and companies.

Here you can find archive records.

Eugen Fritz's diploma


Finland's Fire Brigades' Association has granted in 1943, to a member of Fiskars fire brigade, Mr. Eugen Fritz a  medal, and this diploma is proof of it. The Walloon Eugen Fritz was a third generation copper smith. The Fritz family archive contains e.g. letters, certificates and contracts from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Audiovisual material

The audiovisual material of the archive consists mainly of interviews. Interviews of the people of Fiskars contain various stories from both everyday lives and holidays.

Magazine clippings

Börje Sjöblom's and the Fiskars Local Association's paper clippings from the beginning of the 20th century to the 2000's are organised by theme and describe e.g. the Pohja municipality and local people. There is a separate collection of the events of the Second World War.


The archive's collection of maps has about 70 maps from the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of the maps are from the former Pohja municipality. There are also a few old city maps from abroad.


About 90 drawings of buildings are mainly from the former Pohja municipality. The collection also contains drawings of products the Fiskars corporation has manufactured.

"Ritning till en Byggnad för fyra stycken arbetare vid Malmberg grufvor"

´The building was designed by A. Lax in 17.1.1829 as a house for the miners at the Malmberg mine. The mines were located by the Lake Määrjärvi in the Kisko municipality. The drawing shows the building's facade, layout and end. The mines are first mentioned in 1670's, when the Ironworks was owned by Johan Thorwöste. They were in use in 1670-1866.



The poster collection has around 60 posters from the 19th and 20th centuries. They include e.g. events organised in Pohja.

A poster of a fashion show

The poster is an advertisement for a fashion show in 1972, which served as a fund raising for the Pohja Red Cross. The place was Pojo Undgdomsförening's club house Högsa, which is situated near Pohja. The archive of Pojo Ungdomsföreningen is also kept in the Pohja local history archive.

Borrowing materials from the archive

Original archive materials cannot be borrowed, so that its preservation for future generations can be ensured. But most of the archive material can be copied. The archive building has a copy machine.