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Changing Exhibitions

Full Gallop

9.6.2018 - 29.9.2019 

The exhibition presents the importance of the horse in Fiskars villagers daily life. The workhorse in transportation, in agriculture and lumber work, as well as the Carriage horses and Riding horses of the upper class. Fiskars Ironworks was also the leading producer of horse drawn equipment for agriculture, for example the plough.




1 January - 31 May, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm (Closed 19 April, 1 May , 30 May)
1 June - 31 August, Mon-Sun 11am-5pm (Closed 21-23 June)
1 September - 29 September, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm

Admission: Included in the museum admisson.

Dear passengers

30.11.2019 - 30.9.2020 (Museum building)

Pikku-Pässi is Finland’s first and oldest narrow-gauge steam locomotive that transported raw materials to the ironworks and distributed ready-made and acclaimed Fiskars products around the world dring years 1891-1952. During feasts and festivals Pikku-Pässi’s carriages were decorated, and both locals and celebrities like Mannerheim and Bobrikoff rode the train.



The exhibition presents the history of Pikku-Pässi nd memories about the train. The exhibition is part of the Fiskars museum Pelastetaan Pässi project. The project aim is to renovate the train and build a Museum traintrack and learning environment in Fiskars Ironworks.

30 November - 31 May,  Wed-Sun 11am-4pm (Closed 6 December, 24-26 December, 1 January, 10 April, 1 may, 21 May)
1 June - 31 August, Mon-Sun 11am-5pm (Closed 19-21 June)
1 September-30 September, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm

Admission: Included in the museum admisson.


Permanent exhibitions

Life at the Fiskars Ironworks

The museum building on Hammarbacken shows the lives of the Ironworkers from the 17th century to this day. The building from 1850´s originally functioned as an office to the machine workshop. Later it served as living quarters for several families and since 1949 as a museum. You will find the museum at the Upper Ironworks. The museum buildning was renovated in spring 2014 with the utmost respect for history. 


1 June - 31 August,  Mon-Sun 11am-5pm (Closed June 21-23.)
1 September - 31 May, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm (Closed 19 April, 1 May, 30 May,  6 December, 24-26 December, 1 January)
Admission: Included in the museum admisson.

Upper Ironworks

The Fiskars Museum is located in the middle of the Upper Ironworks (Opp-i-bruke in the local variety), which used to be the centre of Fiskars's heavy industry. The exhibition shows how the workshops functioned in their golden age at the turn of the 20th century.




1 June - 31 August  Mon-Sun 11am-5pm (Closed 21-23 June )
Admission: Included in the museum admisson.

The Bakery

One of the Ironwork´s public baking and mangle houses is found in the Shed close to the museum main buildning. The Bakery was used during 19’th century until the 1960’s. Nowadays the bakery is used for museum educational programmes like baking workshops and time travels. 



1 June - 31 August,  Mon-Sun 11am-5pm (Closed 21-23 June)
Admission: Included in the museum admisson.

A Widow and a Bachelor

The exhibition in the attic of Slaggbyggnaden har been renewed in 2013. It presents the life at the Ironworks from Second World War to the 1970's. The two interiors of living quarters tells of life in the house in the 1940's. In the exhibition visitors can also put on a white jacket and become a merchant in a 1950's shop or dress up in the style of 1970's. We present the life of ironworkers from time of rationing until the plastic era.

1 June - 31 August,  Mon-Sun 11am-5pm (Closed 21-23 June )
Admission: Included in the museum admisson.