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Fiskars Museum
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Fiskars Museum Office
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Pohja local history archive
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FI-10470 Fiskars
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Image collection

Image collection

The museum's photo collection consists of ca. 4000 pictures. The oldest photos in the collection are from the 1860's. Most of the photos are of people, landscapes and buildings connected to Fiskars or Pohja

The oldest photos

The oldest photos in the museum's photo collection were taken by C.J. Malmberg (1824-1895), who was born in Pohja. Malmberg was a wandering photographer. He has e.g. taken pictures of Finland's oldest industrial milieus in the 1870's. In the picture is Fiskars machine workshop in 1872. The Fiskars machine workshop was the oldest in Finland, and was founded in 1837.


Already in the 1930s, before the museum was founded, the Fiskars Local Association collected photographs from the municipality. They were put into albums titled workers, women, other people and landscapes. The albums contain a wide collection of both workers and officials living at the Ironworks at the turn of the 20th century.

Copper smith Johan August Fritz (1854-1930), wife Gustava and their four eldest children.

Copies from the collection

You can order most of the pictures for a fee. The pictures can be delivered in digital form on a memory stick, CD or by email. To order pictures, please contact the amanuensis, +358 453538391, maria.ollikainen (at)


Food for thought - About copyright

Who owns a picture? How can it be used? Do you have to mention its origins when you use a picture?

When you order a photo, you get the right to use it only once in a specific context. All other rights to the picture remain with the one who owns the picture.

Copyright is in effect for 70 years after the person holding the copyright dies. Pictures which do not cross the threshold of originality, are copyrighted for 50 years after they are taken. The picture can only be used in the context in which permission was granted. This goes also for predetermined prints, the number of prints or publishing the picture on the Internet within a certain time limit.

Copyright is simple: Ask first!