Organisation & contact

Admission Opening hours
Adult 5,00 €
Discount ticket €3,50
Under 18 years Free admission

18 March - 13 May CLOSED
1 June -31 Aug, Mon-Sun 11am-5pm
1 Sept.-31 Dec, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm
Exceptional opening hours
Office: mon-fri on request
Archive: 18 March - 13 May CLOSED

Contact information

Fiskars Museum
Peltorivi 13
FI-10470 Fiskars, Finland
Tel. +358 (0)45 1808111

Fiskars Museum Office
Peltorivi 26
FI-10470 Fiskars, Finland
info (at)

Pohja local history archive
Peltorivi 11
FI-10470 Fiskars
+358 (0)44 0500854
arkivet (at)


Local History Society

Fiskars Local History Society

Fiskars Museum Office
Peltorivi 26
10470 Fiskars
info (at)

Board of Directors in 2020

Marianne Gripenberg-Gahmberg
tel. +358 (0)50 5529821
marianne.gripenberg (at)

Kim Björklund
kimbjorklu (at)

Kaarina Ylimys
kylimys (at)

Martina Lindberg
martina.lindberg (at)

Member Register
Cecilia Bruncrona
cecilia (at)

Other members of the board
Kåre Pihlström
Jouni Stordell

Join the Society!

If you wish to be part of the Fiskars Local History Society, contanct Martina Lindberg martina.lindberg (at) and tell your name, address and phone number. When the Society has received your application, we will send you a newsletter and a bank transfer for the membership fee.

Membership fee is €20/year or €200/single payment which entitles for continuous membership.