Admission Opening hours
Adult 5,00 €
Discount ticket €3,50
Under 18 years Free admission

1 Sept.-31 May, Wed-Sun 11am-4pm
1 June -31 Aug, Mon-Sun 11am-5pm
Exceptional opening hours
Office: mon-fri on request
Archive: Tuesdays 3pm-6pm

Contact information

Fiskars Museum
Peltorivi 13
FI-10470 Fiskars, Finland
Tel. +358 (0)45 1808111

Fiskars Museum Office
Peltorivi 26
FI-10470 Fiskars, Finland
info (at)

Pohja local history archive
Peltorivi 11
FI-10470 Fiskars
+358 (0)44 0500854
arkivet (at)


Study materials

Study materials

If it is not possible for you to visit the museum or the archive, you can get to know the collections by borrowing the materials for your school. Suitable for this purpose is e.g. the archive suitcase. The suitcase contains learning materials, e.g. ready made assignments and copies of the original archive materials and items connected to a certain theme. You can borrow the suitcase for free for two weeks. 

Captain Kongo's Suitcase (9-12 year-olds)

The contens of the suitcase lead us all the way to Africa in the footsteps of Captain Kongo who lived in Pohja. It includes ready made assignments that pupils can do with their teacher's help. The assignments include e.g. drawing a comic strip of the boat voyage, inspecting old photographs and writing with an old dip pen.



The archive suitcase 1918 (for upper secontary school)

The suitcase 1918 is alternative learning material which complements the history teaching in upper secondary school. Material is suitable special for the course “Turning points in the Finland’s history”. Theme for learning material is civil war in Finland in the year 1918. The suitcase includes e.g. photographs, material from the archive, assignments and directions for the teacher. Please note that this suitcase is only available in Swedish.



Museum Educator Rauna Rossow, rauna.rossow (at)